Your return on investment

Your return on investment

Your return on time investment from virtual events

We know there is nothing quite like the feeling of a day out of the office, lanyard in hand, seeing familiar faces on the show-floor and having a productive meeting over a frothy coffee. 

Unfortunately, we aren't in the position to take part in those types of activities at the moment. Although, the show must go on and making/retaining business connections is more important than ever.

Virtual events provide you with the platform to interact and connect. They are an important part of your business strategy, how else would you meet hundreds of your peers and hear from industry professionals who can answer your most pressing questions.

We know we'll meet again in a face-to-face environment, in due course. For now, we ask that you support our virtual endeavours. We build our virtual events to keep your business informed, to keep your conversations going, to support your insurance community to navigate the new normal. 

Here are just some of the reasons to attend our new online event: 

  • There is no travel required - stay safely at home. 
  • You choose your participation - take part in live debates, or watch it on-demand at a later date. 
  • It's cost-effective - we don't charge our attendees, all we present to you is completely free of charge.  
  • You'll get more for attending - our agenda is built around what you need to know now.
  • You'll leave with more than you came with, guaranteed.